Igor Bril

Bril Family expected to excite and surprise

The Bril Family band will feature their program "Blues and Then Some" today. "Listeners can expect a surprise, but we won't talk about it just yet. Our performance will be exciting and surprising," the musicians said at a news conference.  

"This is a very professional festival, both in organization and in the range of musicians, with a lot of guests from various countries. There is a lot of energy here. There are so many good bands like Tula Philharmonic Big Band, where I met a lot of my friends, and the Sergei Golovnya Band," Igor Bril said.

Bril is a family band brought together by their musical tastes, and they say they've been through a lot — both in life and on stage — that nothing can come between them. In addition, Alexander Bril and Dmitry Bril have their own side projects.

The band members admitted they are very sensitive to criticism. "Generally, criticism isn't really professional. What's important to us is the opinion and feedback from other musicians, and our own evaluation," the musicians concluded.