Antti Sarpila

Antti Sarpila

Clarinet and saxophone — composing and arranging — is one of the few internationally known jazz musicians from Finland. Although based in Helsinki, he performs extensively all over the world.

As a young musician, he studied with renowned American clarinet and saxophone player Bob Wilber. Their long-term cooperation brought great results. One of the highlights of that association was the Tribute to Benny Goodman concert in Carnegie Hall, New York.

Antti has performed at numerous jazz festivals and concerts all over Europe, the USA, Asia and as far as Australia.

Antti regularly guests some of the world's most famous bands, from small companies to big bands and symphony orchestras like the Count Basie Orchestra, Metropole Orchestra and Dutch Swing College Band in the Netherlands, and many more.

In Finland Antti has his own group, the Antti Sarpila Swing Band, which will celebrate its 35th anniversary next year. Over these years, the band has actively performed at festivals, in concert halls and jazz clubs, both in Finland and abroad, and released over 20 CDs and DVDs.

Antti has been awarded the highly respected George Award by the Finnish Jazz Federation and the Louis Armstrong Award by the Finnish Classic Jazz Society.