Jimmy Cobb

Jimmy Cobb: it’s hard to imagine jazz being better than this

One of the world's best jazz drummers, the legendary 87-year-old Jimmy Cobb, will perform with his quartet at the Koktebel Jazz Party festival on its third and concluding day.

At a news conference, Cobb said that he doesn't expect jazz music to get any better than it already is. "It's hard to imagine someone playing any better than Duke Ellington or Charlie Parker. Rather, everyone tries to catch up with them and looks up to them," he said.

Cobb feels strongly that jazz music needs to be promoted. "There used to be a lot of jazz schools in the United States, where young people could master this music genre. That really helped. Today, there aren't that many schools. I believe if we had more jazz schools, young people could learn this music. That would be good," Cobb said.

He also said that the Koktebel Jazz Party festival has been organized very professionally. "If we have the same quality sound at our gig tonight that we had at the soundcheck, everything will go great," the drummer concluded.